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Antarctica is one of the last remaining unexplored territories. Unlike every other continent, no nation or even group of nations actually own the land of Antarctica.


Instead, countries got together and signed a treaty, which was later labeled the Antarctica treaty. The treaty laid out simple terms for the management of the continent. It established firm rules against mining and military activities in Antarctica, and names it as a neutral territory. Because of this agreement, there are never really people living in Antarctica, and the only “population” consists of scientists stationed at research stations around the continent. If you would like to go to Antarctica, read on for some helpful tips.

Take a Cruise in Antarctica

The best way to go to Antarctica, at least in my opinion, is to take a cruise. Many commercial cruise ships tour through Arctic and Antarctic waters, and the rates are fairly affordable. Because not many people want to go to Antarctica for a vacation, the travel companies who go to Antarctica are forced to offer reasonable rates, because there’s not enough demand to justify high prices. An Antarctic cruise will take you through the still, cold waters and let you see the beautiful landscape from the warmth of a cruise ship. You’ll love seeing the sights on a boat, especially on those -30 degree days.

Take Pictures of Antarctica

Especially if you take a cruise to go to Antarctica, be sure to take plenty of pictures. The landscape is beautiful, and the wildlife, if you can spot it, is amazing. The only plant life that survives the cold Antarctic weather is pretty small, and probably won’t be seen from the boat. You should be able to spot some wildlife on your tour though. Penguins are almost guaranteed, as they are present in most areas of Antarctica, and are often moving around. Seals are a bit harder to spot because they spend most of their time underwater, but if you do get a chance to see one try to snap a picture. If you’re lucky enough to spot a whale, do the same. If you’re a fan of birds, you’ll enjoy birdwatching in Antarctica. It’s incredibly easy to spot birds because of the all-white background.

Go to Antarctica in Mid-Summer

Mid-summer is prime travel time for most destinations, but it’s about the ONLY travel time if you want to go to Antarctica. Temperatures in Antarctica, especially as you get closer to the South Pole, are extremely low. In the winter time, the land is harsh and uninviting. Even if you’re aboard a boat, the biting cold wind will make it completely miserable to be outside. Plus, most travel companies refuse to run cruises to Antarctica during the fall and winter, simply because of the danger involved, as well as the solid sheets of ice that often cover the cruise ships’ routes. So if you want to go to Antarctica, be sure to plan a summer trip. Don’t worry about traveling in August – booking an Antarctica trip is nothing like booking a trip to a popular destination.


Go to Antarctica