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Antarctica, the last remaining relatively unexplored continent in the world, is a common vacation destination nowadays.


Of course it’s nowhere near as popular as destinations like Hawaii and Florida, but each year more and more people take Antarctica trips, and enjoy them! In the 2006-2007 season, roughly 30,000 people tourists took Antarctica trips. That figure does not include scientists traveling to Antarctica for scientific research.

Cruise or Fly-In Antarctica

When you’re choosing from a selection of Antarctica trips, you’ll quickly find that there are not a whole lot of options. Cruises are by far the most popular way to get to Antarctica, and probably the most enjoyable too. The other option is to fly in and take day exploration trips. While these kind of trips are usually cheaper, they’re also much shorter, and you have to fight the elements on your own, without the warmth or comfort of a large cruise ship. In my opinion, there’s no better way to see Antarctica than to cruise through its pristine waters. Plus, most cruise lines stop at least once or twice to explore the land, so you’ll get a chance to experience the continent hands-on no matter how you travel there.

Adventure Options in Antarctica

Cruising through beautiful scenery and cold water is fun and enjoyable, but some people simply crave more activity. If you’re one of those people who just won’t be happy sitting on a boat the whole trip, look for Antarctica trips that offer adventure options. There are cruise lines and fly-ins both that offer activities such as kayaking, camping, and snowshoeing. Not all cruise ships offer such activities, and some don’t stop at all during the trip, so be sure to read all the information you can before you select a cruise line.

Low Traffic In Antarctica

Antarctica is a very quiet place to visit. There is absolutely no indigenous population, and the people that do live there (90%+ scientists) tend to keep to themselves. When you cruise through Antarctica on a normal day without too much wind, you’ll be able to see and hear for miles. Observe the innovative wildlife, listen to the sounds of ice melting, or just enjoy the view and relax. Some of the best Antarctica trips are relaxing ones that allow cruise passengers to forget all their worries and just observe in silence.

Excellent Accommodations in Antarctica

When you’re first exposed to the biting cold of an Antarctica night, you will be extremely thankful that you’re staying on a warm, luxury cruise ship. There’s nothing better than exploring dangerous, ridiculously cold terrain, and then coming home to a warm meal and a warm bed. If the Antarctica trip you choose is a cruise, you’ll enjoy quality food, drinks, and entertainment, as you sail through the beautiful Arctic waters. You’ll also be able to converse with your fellow passengers and find entertainment of your own. Cruising is a great way to travel, and it’s just about the only way to travel to Antarctica.


Antarctica Trips