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Antarctic Voyages

Antarctica is the only continent on earth without a permanent population. Considering that Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent, that fact is quite impressive.


The reason for the lack of a permanent population is quite simple: it’s cold! Even in the middle of summer, temperatures almost never get above 0. In the winter, only professionals can survive the conditions in Antarctica. As interest grows in the area, Antarctic voyages have started becoming more popular. Commercial cruise ships have began making trips to Antarctica, as well as smaller private tour companies. If you have interest in Antarctic voyages, read below to learn more about Antarctica.

An Ice-Covered Continent

As most of you probably know, Antarctica is almost completely covered in ice. Experts estimate that 98% of the continent is covered in ice. During the winter time, the size of the continent swells by almost 25% as the ice expands out over the water. It is estimated that, if the ice shelves of the Antarctica melted, the ocean would rise by a phenomenal 200-210 feet – EVERYWHERE. It’s hard to even imagine that much ice or water, and what it would do to our planet. Since the continent is almost completely ice covered, it’s the perfect place to watch meteorites. The dark meteors contrast with the white ice, and make them extremely easy to spot. And, since there are no lights on the continent and very little vegetation, there’s no visual interference. If you like seeing amazing sights and majestic meteor showers, consider taking an Antarctic voyage.

Plenty of Activities in Antarctica

Antarctic voyages are popular because they let you see Antarctica without having to survive it! Enjoying your trip should be a top priority. Having fun in Antarctica should not be too hard. Despite the bitter cold and harsh environment, there’s plenty to do. You can sit back aboard a cruise ship and enjoy your time with the beautiful views, or you can take a tour of research facilities in the area. If you prefer more active activities, you can choose to go kayaking, scuba diving (not recommended unless you have extremely good equipment), or skiing/snowboarding.

A Number of Options in Antarctica

Since Antarctic voyages are gaining popularity, there are getting to be more and more options to travel through the area. It used to be that only a few small cruise ships traveled that way per year. Now, most major cruise lines run multiple cruises per year, and several small companies run tours of the area as well. There are also fly-in trips available, and fishing tours if you have the money to spend. There are a ton of ways to visit Antarctica, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. I recommend you do some research, and figure out what the best of the Antarctic voyages is for you. If you just want to keep it simple and affordable, the easiest way to visit the area is to take a cruise. 

Antarctic Voyages