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Arctic Cruise

Most people try to take a vacation at least once a year. Getting away from everything  once in a while is very healthy and can do wonders for your mood.


Where you decide to go on your vacation will make a big difference in your enjoyment of the trip. Most people choose to vacation to warm, popular destinations, while others prefer staying off the beaten path. If you’d rather explore new territory than sit on a beach in Miami, then you might want to consider an Arctic cruise.

The Arctic

The Arctic, a vast ocean surrounded almost completely by ice-covered continents, is an area not many people know about. Often people confuse the Arctic with Antarctica. This assumption is completely false. The Arctic covers more area, and therefore has a wider variety of animal life. It’s also a bit warmer than Antarctica, so more plant life is able to grow. The water in the Arctic is much warmer than Antarctica’s waters. Most of the time the water stays around 30 degrees F, partially because it’s mostly salt water, which doesn’t cool as rapidly as fresh water. Water is also pumping in to the Arctic from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and most of that water is relatively warm.

Plant and Wildlife in Antarctica

If you take an Arctic cruise, you’ll be able to relax and take in the views. You will see many animals, and, depending on the time of year, many plants as well. The first thing you will probably spot is some sort of marine animal. You will notice through the water and ice that seals, whales, and other marine life are in constant movement. Seals will commonly flock around Arctic cruise ships, because they’re curious and want to evaluate the new intruder in their waters. You will also notice a wide variety of birds on your Arctic cruise. There are more than 100 different bird species that have been spotted in the Arctic, and especially during the summer, you’ll be able to spot most if not all of them. If you’re Arctic cruise goes close to the land, or even docks so passengers can explore, then you should be able to see some mammals on the land too. Reindeer, wolf, musk ox, hare, lemming, and fox have all been spotted in the Arctic region.

Antarctica can be Affordable

Since not many people’s ideal vacation is taking an Arctic cruise, rates for cruise ships heading that way are usually pretty cheap. The Arctic doesn’t see many tourists, so there’s no ridiculously hiked-up prices or other nonsense. That is one reason I don’t like popular tourist destinations. It just feels like their made for tourists, and their only desire is to make a ton of money off of travelers. There are several different cruise lines that run Arctic cruises, so be sure to shop around before you select a company. Great Arctic cruise information is available online easily, so that would be a logical place to start your research.


Arctic Cruise