Antarctica Holidays

Best Time of Year to Visit Antarctica

Antarctica is a strange place. It’s got almost no rainfall, and therefore is technically considered a desert. However, it’s not your typical desert.


Roughly 98% of the entire landmass is covered in a thick layer of ice that’s average thickness is around 1 mile. Obviously the area has to be extremely cold in order to maintain that kind of volume of ice. The average temperature in Antarctica is extremely low, and it rarely gets above 0. The coldest temperature ever recorded was in Antarctica, and it was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the extreme temperature in the Arctic, you can only travel there at certain times of the year. So what is the best time of year to visit Antarctica? The answer is simply the summer. However, the Antarctic summer is not in the normal time of the year - summer in Antarctica runs from December to March. And it’s not like any summer you’ve ever experienced – it’s still extremely cold, with averages in the negatives. A “warm” day in Antarctica might be 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Survive the Elements in Antarctica

Because winter and even fall/spring in Antarctica are so harsh, it’s important to travel during the warmer months. Winters in Antarctica are not only unpleasant; they can easily be fatal if you don’t know what you’re doing. When you’re exposed to temperatures lower than -30 on a regular basis, your body can succumb to hypothermia and frostbite within a matter of hours, sometimes minutes. Without the proper training or someone there to help you, your Antarctic expedition might come to a horrible end. Obviously winter is not the best time of year to visit Antarctica, so don’t try it. Even if you ARE a survival expert, traveling to Antarctica in the winter is absolute madness.

Beat the Crowds in Antarctica

Since there is such a small window for Antarctic travel, a lot of people travel there during a small period of time. Because of this, cruises are often crowded. Nobody likes to feel crowded, and especially in a quiet, peaceful place like Antarctica, the last thing you want is a bunch of noisy tourists around you ruining your trip. In order to beat the crowds, I recommend traveling at the beginning or end of the summer, and not in the middle. Remember, in Antarctica, the summer season is from December to March, so plan accordingly. I’ve found that late March is the best time to travel to Antarctica because fewer people travel at that time, and it’s still warm enough to enjoy your trip.

See the Sights in Antarctica

The seasons in Antarctica are very harsh. During the winter and fall especially, there is a lot of wind. The wind often kicks up lose ice and snow into the air, causing flurries. Also, thick layers of fog often roll in, shrouding the entire land in a thick haze. If you want to actually SEE any of the sights that Antarctica has to offer, you’d be wise to travel at the right time, to avoid the windstorms and fog.



Best Time of Year to Visit Antarctica