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How to Visit Antarctica

Antarctica is a great place to visit, but it’s not exactly very accessible. If you’re wondering how to visit Antarctica, then this article is for you. Unless you’re a survival


expert, you should never even think about trying to survive the elements of Antarctica. Antarctica is, and always has been, the coldest continent on Earth by far. It also has the most wind, with speeds reaching up to 200 mph. Because of these facts, Antarctica is one place that you need to go with a professional, whether that’s a private tour guide or simply the people on a cruise ship. Read on to learn how to visit Antarctica.

Antarctica Cruises

Antarctic cruises are becoming more popular, so it’s easier to find a good vacation package for you and your family. In my opinion, taking a cruise is the best way to visit Antarctica. You will be able to experience the visual phenomenons of Antarctica, without having to survive the harsh environment. There’s no better feeling than sleeping in a warm bed while you know the temperature outside is at least -10 degrees. You’ll also be able to see more from a cruise ship, as you’ll cover much more area than any land tour could offer you. Cruises are costly, but not unreasonable. Several travel companies offer Antarctic cruises nowadays, so you shouldn’t find it hard to compare rates and find the best deal.  Cruises generally offer other activities as well, such as scuba diving, jet skiing, and even skiing and snowboarding in some areas.

Fly-Ins to Antarctica

Some companies offer fly-in trips to Antarctica. Usually what these consist of is a trip into the area, and a day or two of exploration. Then, you either board the plane again and head back to civilization, or meet up with a cruise ship and join the cruise. The later is obviously the better option, as it gives you the ability to experience Antarctica hands-on, while still being able to enjoy a relaxing cruise. However, these kinds of trips are much more expensive than typical cruises, so if you’re on a budget you’ll have to choose another option.

Antarctica Private Tour Guide

For nature enthusiasts, private tour guides are available from several travel companies to help you tour Antarctica. With the help of a expert tour guide, you’ll be able to see all the best sights around, without all the crowds that a cruise ship has. This is probably the most expensive way to visit Antarctica, but it’s also one of the best. I don’t recommend choosing this option if you’re not into survival techniques and bitter cold. I also recommend only traveling to Antarctica during the summer, as the temperatures are far too cold for comfort. If you’ve chosen to hire a private tour guide, call around to the various travel agencies and see what they can offer you. Ask questions and make sure you’re getting what you pay for. I hope this article has helped you learn how to visit Antarctica.


How to Visit Antarctica